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Palo Verde Medical Center


A 12,000 square foot medical office building with associated site improvements on a 20,000 square foot site for the County of Riverside to sub lease to Palo Verde Hospital in the City of Blythe, California. The building was designed to accommodate physician offices, examination rooms, laboratories, X-ray and physical therapy facilities. Space was also dedicated to support facility administration with room for reception, filing / storage and billing/purchasing. Highland’s services included turnkey development, construction, and leaseback contracts (Ground Lease and Building Lease with County of Riverside (20-year term)), fast-track design, entitlement and construction. This project, the final building in a four-building masterplan, was designed, entitled, financed and built within a 10-month period. Highland completed construction in 97 workdays.


  • Design/Build and Construction Manager/ Constructor Contracts
  • Turnkey development, construction, and leaseback contracts
  • Ground Lease and Building Lease with County of Riverside (20 year term)
  • Construction/Permanent financing by Highland
  • Fast-track design, entitlement and construction
  • Building management upon completion by Highland Productions I, LLC.

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