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About Highland Partnership, Inc.


Highland Partnership, Inc. is a full service, commercial general contractor and design builder providing quality construction services for public and private enterprises. Operating out of our corporate office in Chula Vista, Highland has directed construction projects across the nation, concentrating efforts in Southern California.

Highland is first and foremost a quality builder. Our experience in this professional discipline provides the solid foundation for the company’s related activities. We have earned an excellent reputation for being a proactive and creative ‘partner’ with our clients. We work hard to create and maintain the right Owner / Builder relationship from day one by carefully matching our internal team individuals and their experiences with specific client needs and particular facility type.


Anchored by an experienced construction team with client-focused processes, Highland has successfully delivered complex and technically challenging projects. A senior manager is assigned to each project and actively participates throughout all phases of design and construction.

Many pre-construction tasks can be performed in-house such as program / financial feasibility analysis, design & engineering management and development coordination. Highland saves significant owner costs associated with the usual redundant layers of management and consultants. We have an Owner / Operator mindset. This is because, unlike most general contractors, we have direct experience as building owners and developers, and therefore “think like an owner.” 

Each and every construction day Highland’s experienced hands-on site- based supervision and inspection personnel work hard to ensure top quality installations of all trade work in a safe  work environment.


Highland Partnership, Inc. • 285 Bay Blvd. • Chula Vista, CA • 91910 • 619.498.2900